One of the fun parts of a gold old Maine Summer is hopping on the family ATV and cruising through the back woods until you find a good place to have a picnic or just relax. 

In my family it worked like clockwork: The parents would scout a trip to a local (or sometimes not very local) spot that the family would be interested in. (A personal favorite spot of mine is Bible Point along the Mattawamkeag River in Island Falls, not only because of the ride but also because of the historical meaning of the area.) On the Saturday or Sunday the family would gather up with all of our ATVs and make a valiant effort at trying to pile the whole family on. After that we would find the route, which often started in the dirt roads behind our homes. The trip would take anywhere from a couple of hours to entire days, but it was well worth the time. Usually, we would end up having at least one person get stuck or on the very rare occasion, float the small ATV through an over flowed beaver dam. 

All of this wouldn't be possible if we didn't have our home in Maine. It gives us so much freedom to go where we want and how we want to get there. There is nothing better than owning a lakefront real estate property in Maine. The only thing that could improve our go of it, is to find a camp somewhere on a trail or along the river so we could make it a two day event. Anyone that has the chance to even ride the trails up here in Maine, whether it be with ATV, Side-by-Side, or dirt bike, should immediately take advantage of that. If you find you like it, and you will, the next step is finding your base to start the trips from. It'll be the ride of your life! Thus, you must lookout for waterfront land for sale in Maine and make your outings with family more enjoyable and accessible.